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Affiliate Programs
Managed affiliate programs provide you with the best method to increase sales. 
Affiliate Programs
Lead Analysis
Quality Leads increase your results and reduce  resources and spending.
Lead Analysis
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Unlock Your Sales. We bring the right people to your web site - Customers!
Internet Marketing

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Take a look at some of the select companies' products and services that we offer our top-producing affiliates. is a boutique firm that operates independent Affiliate Programs.

We work with top producing affiliates and quality products and services from select online Merchants.

Key Net Links comprises an exclusive network of hundreds of web operators, sale agents and companies willing to advertise select Merchants' products and services on a commission-only basis.


Affiliate Programs provide Vendors with the best method to actually increase sales and lead referrals.

5, 10, even 25% increases in monthly sales are realistic through Key Net Links exclusive affiliate marketing network of independent programs.

Do you offer products or services online? Contact Key Net Links today.

Do you already have an existing affiliate program? Key Net Links will work with your existing structure to increase your sales, web leads AND revenues - guaranteed.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration on what we can do for you - without obligation. We believe in our abilities and work on a pay-per-performance basis.

Key Net Links, through R U On The Net offers affiliate program management, traffic analysis and online sales and lead consulting.


Interested in adding complimentary products to your existing offers?

Key Net Links has invited a few, select companies to participate in our exclusive affiliate network.

Members in our independent affiliate network offers affiliates with the choice to select from a variety of Merchants' quality products and services.

Each program is operated independently, with dedicated affiliate management acting in everyone's best interest.

Increase your offers, increase your revenues. Join one or more of KNL's programs today. Why let someone else receive your commissions?


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